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Fall asleep faster -
without sleeping pills.

  • We take insurance!

  • Proudly backed by University of Chicago, we deliver CBT for Insomnia, which carries a 70% success rate.

  • Our licensed clinicians tailor behavioral protocols, assist with medication tapering, support CPAP success, and optimize circadian rhythms.

Text us with questions: 844-475-3379 (4SLEEPY)


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Why choose DrLullaby?

Research-supported Treatment
Convenient access from home
Alternative to sleep medications
Exclusive access to clinicians trained in sleep

The Problem

Millions suffer from insomnia, which can diminish energy, mood, work and family life, and overall health. Although Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (CBT-I) is the recommended first-line treatment, access is limited due to the scarcity of specially trained clinicians. Furthermore, sleeping pills, often used as a quick fix, can lead to dependency, carry the risk of side effects, and are not recommended for nightly or long-term use.

Our Solution

DrLullaby features the most extensive network of clinicians trained in insomnia treatment, providing unparalleled support through live video visits and secure messaging. Our proprietary technology portal facilitates top-tier clinical care and in-depth sleep analysis. By integrating with wearable technologies like Oura, we enable our data-savvy patients to collaborate with experts who are uniquely qualified to analyze and enhance their sleep patterns.


Why It Works

Our approach is rooted in evidence-based practices, supported by research to yield significant improvements in sleep onset, duration, and quality. DrLullaby helps patients fall asleep faster, return to sleep with ease, and taper off sleeping pills safely. Our platform has demonstrated high success rates, empowering patients to regain control over their sleep and, consequently, their lives.

Learn More About Our Approach

Discover a new standard in sleep care with DrLullaby. Click to learn more about how we can transform your sleep health journey.

For patients:

For clinicians:

Embark on Your Journey to Restful Nights with DrLullaby

Start Strong: The First 3 Months

Begin reducing insomnia symptoms with personalized guidance
  • Engage in 3 to 5 weekly or bi-weekly telehealth sessions.

  • Utilize DrLullaby's innovative digital platform for sleep data analysis and actionable feedback.

  • Securely message our experts anytime for adjustments to your tailored sleep plan.

Steady Progress: Months 4 to 6

Solidify your sleep improvements with ongoing support
  • Schedule monthly telehealth check-ins to stay on track.

  • Continue to log your sleep patterns and communicate with our team for fine-tuning your routine.

Long-Term Success: Ongoing Support

Prevent sleep setbacks and maintain a healthy sleep cycle
  • Access telehealth sessions as needed, especially during life’s stressful periods.

  • Benefit from seamless integration with data from devices like Oura to keep insights objective and accurate.

For patients:

For clinicians:

Transform Your Sleep with Our Trusted Partners

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Embrace the future of sleep wellness with DrLullaby. Our innovative approach integrates cutting-edge technology and partnerships with Oura, Thatch AI, Sleep Doctor, and Ognomy, streamlining your journey to better sleep. Members enjoy Oura Ring discounts and personalized data analysis by our clinicians. Simplify your path to restful nights with DrLullaby's tech-driven care.

Partner with DrLullaby for Advanced Sleep Care

Join our network of referring clinicians and enhance your patients' journey to better sleep. Discover the simplicity of our referral process, access comprehensive insurance information, and explore the benefits of partnering with DrLullaby. Together, we can deliver transformative sleep health solutions.

Adam Cifu, MD

Primary Care Physician

"As a general internal medicine physician, I see many patients with insomnia. These patients range from healthy, young people whose sleep issues are their significant medical problem to older or chronically ill patients whose sleep disturbances worsen their underlying diseases, complicate disease management, and negatively affect their overall wellness.
Many of my patients have had great success using CBT-I. This treatment has been especially beneficial in people who have used sleep promoting medications for years and have been able to come off these medications with therapy."
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