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For patients:

For clinicians:

  • What is CBT-I?
    Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia (CBT-I) is recommended as the gold standard by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and American College of Physicians. The AASM and ACP recommend first trying CBT-I before trying a sleep medication (don't worry, we can help you taper off your sleeping pill too).The CBT-I treatment includes 5-8 behavioral treatment sessions where you learn research-backed strategies for optimizing control over thoughts, behaviors and emotions to get the sleep you need. Data shows 70-80% of insomnia patients get results from this protocol. You will be keeping sleep logs in our digital platform, while attending telehealth sessions with leading clinical experts in the field.
  • Why do I need a membership to the DrLullaby Sleep Data Portal?
    Don't forget, you can cancel anytime, and try it risk free (with full refund if you cancel before your 2nd session). That said, consider why we offer you tech-enabled insomnia treatment… Our founder, Dr. Medalie, learned from her patients about the inefficiencies of doing digital health without telehealth, or telehealth without digital health… Digital Health Without Telehealth: Her patients have told her that when they tried digital health tools (e.g., self-guided apps) without the support of a live doctor, they felt they did not receive customization to their unique situation. Aspects of their medical history, mood profile, family situation, medication list, etc were not factored into their plan, and this inhibited their progress. Telehealth without Digital Health: Dr. Medalie also noticed when she saw patients for telehealth visits with nothing to use between sessions, this also was problematic. Her patients seemed very motivated and excited to make change when they were in the telehealth session, but in between sessions they lost motivation! Life happened, they forgot or they got directed elsewhere. The digital health tools in between telehealth sessions keeps patients engaged in the sleep plan and this supports adherence and reduces insomnia. DrLullaby is on the cutting edge with the unique and innovative approach, offering the marriage between digital health and telehealth.
  • What if my issue isn't insomnia?
    Our specialists are trained to treat all symptoms under the “Behavioral Sleep Medicine” umbrella. In addition to offering treatment acute and chronic insomnia, we also offer evidence-based protocols for for the following: Sleep Medication Tapering: Alongside gradual tapering steps, you will go through treatment modules to minimize risk of insomnia relapse while slowing decreasing your sleep medication. Poor sleep habits: If you are not sure how to make changes to increase your sleep duration, we can help. Sleep scheduling challenges: We support patients experiencing delayed or advanced circadian rhythms. Night eating: Those who need to eat in order to return to sleep can be treated by our specialists. Nightmare disorder: Patients with a history of trauma, experiencing ongoing nightmares can go through our Imagery Rehearsal Therapy protocol. CPAP support: We offer treatment sessions targeting acclimation to CPAP. We can spend time talking through your challenges with CPAP, and customize a plan for improving your CPAP success. Inspire acclimation: Those who are newly getting used to Inspire treatment, or about to be treated with Inspire, can see our specialists for behavioral treatment sessions. Other: Don't see your sleep problem listed? Text us at 844-4SLEEPY and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • How much time is involved?
    Our specialists typically conduct 1-hour telehealth sessions weekly or bi-weekly. After the first several sessions, the visits are more spaced out, and sometimes shorter, depending on your protocol.
  • What if I don't like my clinician?
    We are happy to offer case transfers upon request. Simply Text us at 844-4SLEEPY and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Do you prescribe sleeping pills?
    We do not prescribe sleeping pills. We do offer sleep medication tapering protocols, and see excellent results with this process. Given the concerns many patients have with dependency and side effects, we have seen patients experience huge relief once they complete the tapering process. Since CBT-I is the first-line recommendation - and the research shows that those with insomnia should try CBT-I first, before trying a sleeping pill, we follow such recommendations. We offer the first step, and gold standard for your insomnia. If you are already prescribed and regularly taking a sleeping pill - you can seek refills from your prescribing physician or from your primary care doctor. Many patients who start our treatment on a sleeping pill, end up having discussions with their prescriber about whether they'd approve of a gradual sleep medication taper protocol, offered by our specialists.
  • How much does it cost?
    Given our mission to improve access to research-backed treatment for insomnia for all, we made the choice to take insurance. Therefore, DrLullaby takes most insurance. As always, patients are responsible for "patient responsibility payments". For our services, this includes co-pay, coinsurance, deductible, late cancellation/no-show, and membership to our Data Portal ($19.99/mo).
  • What do you do?
    We treat insomnia virtually, through a protocol covered by insurance. Our clinicians are uniquely trained to offer Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia, and related research-backed protocols. We use telehealth visits, alongside tech supportive tools. Research shows that 70-80% of patients struggling to fall asleep or return to sleep experience improvements with CBT-I.
  • What if I have sleep apnea?
    Half of the patients we treat have comorbid sleep apnea and insomnia, which is called “COMISA”. Our clinicians are uniquely qualified to tease apart how and when to talk through sleep apnea vs insomnia symptoms, and support both areas. Most of our COMISA patients do their intake with us right away, then after talking to our clinician, decide more on timing. We recommend scheduling an intake session with our clinician to discuss your symptoms in more detail. They can assist you in determining the optimal timing for doing insomnia and behavioral work, whether it's best to start now or wait.
  • What if I also have another medical or mental health challenge?
    You have actually come to the right place. Our clinicians have unique expertise in working with comorbid conditions. We rarely treat patients who do not have a medical, neurological, or mental health challenge, alongside their sleep issues. They have specialized training to customize your treatment plan, and encourage the best time points for returning to your healthcare team members. We treat patients with comorbid cancer, hypertension, brain injury, cardiac disease, depression, anxiety and more. This expertise is what DrLullaby is known for.
  • What if my situation is severe/atypical?
    Our clinicians have unique expertise in supporting the most severe and unique cases of insomnia. Our team will customize your treatment plan, add additional sessions, and provide support between visits to ensure that you have the best possible attention to your unique needs.
  • What if I need a prescription for sleeping pills?
    Many of our patients end up first trying a sleeping pill. While our clinicians do not prescribe, if you go to your primary care, or prescribing physician for a prescription, then meet with our clinician - our team can support best practice in gradually tapering you off after you get over the hump, by introducing the research backed methods to teach you to control your own sleep.
  • What if you do not take my insurance?
    While we take most insurance, unforutnately we are not in network with some. Thankfully, we can still help you through our out-of-pocket program ($160 for telehealth sessions; $19.99/mo for Data Portal Membership).
  • What if I cannot afford out of pocket?
    We definitely understand. Sometimes there are circumstances where we can get 25% off (i.e., $120 per telehealth session, $15/mo for tech membership).
  • What do I need to do to find out what my insurance coverage is?
    When you call your insurance, you can share that we use these CPT codes: 90791 and 90837 (PhD's), or, 99205, 99215 (Nurse Practioners).
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