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Embark on Your Journey to Restful Nights with DrLullaby

Start Strong: The First 3 Months

Begin reducing insomnia symptoms with personalized guidance
  • Engage in 3 to 5 weekly or bi-weekly telehealth sessions.

  • Utilize DrLullaby's innovative digital platform for sleep data analysis and actionable feedback.

  • Securely message our experts anytime for adjustments to your tailored sleep plan.

Steady Progress: Months 4 to 6

Solidify your sleep improvements with ongoing support
  • Schedule monthly telehealth check-ins to stay on track.

  • Continue to log your sleep patterns and communicate with our team for fine-tuning your routine.

Long-Term Success: Ongoing Support

Prevent sleep setbacks and maintain a healthy sleep cycle
  • Access telehealth sessions as needed, especially during life’s stressful periods.

  • Benefit from seamless integration with data from devices like Oura to keep insights objective and accurate.

For patients:

For clinicians:

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