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Adherence Analogy

Adherence Analogy

It might help to think of this like diabetes - someone sees the doctor with the sugar out of whack. They start them on aggressive treatment/lifestyle changes and the sugars then are well controlled. So, maybe a couple months after maintaining control, they have a cookie - but they are not going to eat a full box of cookies because that would bounce them back to square one or make them even worse off then when they started. Instead, the person should see the value and respect for these gains they worked so hard for - enjoy and appreciate the hard work they did on lifestyle changes to reach these benefits. Even when the sugars are well controlled, they always have to be careful, because the diabetes is still there. Make sense?

So after even 1 month of sustained gains, we can see a world where __ stays up an hour later and sleeps in an hour on weekends or trips. That said, a nap or a few hours of shifting might be too close to a box of cookies!

###### DrLullaby can help with behavioral sleep issues. The information provided here is not intended as a diagnosis or medical treatment, but instead meant as a learning opportunity. Please schedule an appointment with DrLullaby for more help.

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