Time spent awake at night decreased by 69% with DrLullaby

  • The DrLullaby team is deeply committed to providing evidence-based programs that actually work

  • We completed our first pilot study in which 11 children and their parents were given access to the DrLullaby app

  • Our results showed an average reduction in time spent awake during the night of 69%

  • The pilot participants who completed the program also experienced reduced distress related to sleep and decreased time to fall asleep

Over 20 million families struggle with sleep in the United States alone

Sleep loss in children results in many problems, including:

Mood Disturbance

Poor frustration tolerance, irritability, increased depressive or anxiety symptoms


Exacerbated pain, increased risk for obesity, headaches, immune system impact


Problems with attention, processing speed and response time


Impact on school performance, homework completion, missed school and lateness


Aggression, hyperactivity, (related increased risk for mis-diagnosis of ADHD)

Family Function

Parent sleep loss, parent-child conflict, less alone time for parents


According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, habit-change strategies are research-backed for helping with sleep problems in children

Adequate sleep duration for age on a regular basis leads to improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, emotional regulation, quality of life, and mental and physical health.”