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Included with DrLullaby:​

Mobile app with custom sleep plan

Sleep logging and data summary resource library with worksheets

Our mission is to help your family get the sleep you need

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What People Say

Our always wonderful sleepy baby grew up to be a bedtime overthinker, insomniac. After a few weeks, the app helped us guide our 6-year-old to make modifications and put herself to sleep and stay asleep. Thanks, DrLullaby!

The customized program on DrLullaby was exactly what I needed to help me fall back to sleep and stay asleep. Everyone in my family has benefited from a more rested mom!

Medical Consultation

I am a physician who works with children and have been looking for an application to refer patients. It's very easy to use and very animated and adorable which keeps it interesting even for kids. It's really so helpful and life-changing.