Harvard trained and passionate about improving sleep
Dr. Medalie is one of less than 50 board-certified and formally trained Pediatric Insomnia Specialists
  • University of Chicago
  • Director of Pediatric Insomnia Program
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Predoctoral Internship
  • Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • University of California San Diego, School of Medicine, Postdoctoral Fellowship
Board Certification
  • Behavioral Sleep Medicine (DBSM)
Lisa Medalie, PsyD, DBSM
Learn more about sleep problems in Dr. Medalie's book!
"Putting Sleep Problems to Bed"
Dr. Lisa Medalie & Prof. David Gozal
A note from the founder:

Hi everyone!


I have been studying the science of sleep since I shadowed my first sleep doctor in high school and am on a mission to help people see the value in a better night. Through my training years, I found out that there are very few doctors trained in sleep. This is probably because the field of sleep is still in its relative infancy compared to other areas of healthcare (Rapid Eye Movement sleep was only discovered in 1953!). There are currently less than 30 of us board-certified and formally trained as Pediatric Insomnia Specialists yet over 20 million families are struggling with sleep. I developed DrLullaby as a way to improve access to these evidence-based solutions given that there are not many of us formally trained to help. I believe all families should have access to quick solutions that work.


I’ve seen firsthand in my clinic when kids struggle with sleep, parents suffer too, and the entire family dynamic can feel stressful. I want to help family life run more smoothly and founded. DrLullaby as a cost-effective way to teach families the same strategies they learn in my clinic.

Try DrLullaby so you can have less stress, easier nights and finally get some time back to yourselves!